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Ella Baker- clutch bag

Ella Baker- clutch bag

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This attractive one of a kind leather clutch handbag measures 15" x 15" sounds like a square ,but it's not. It's real cool and matches everything and for every time.It's a fashion statement  that says you like to step out and show off. This handbag is fully lined and has two interior pockets,a zippered top closure with tassels


                                           "Purses are like friends, you can never have too many"



This clutch handbag is named in honor of Ella Baker:

While we’re constantly reminded of the civil rights leaders who worked in front, those who were behind the scenes often go unrecognized. Ella Baker is one of those people. An active civil rights leader in the 1930s, Ms. Baker fought for civil rights for five decades, working alongside W.E.B Dubois, Thurgood Marshall, and Martin Luther King, Jr. She even mentored well-known civil rights activist, Rosa Parks.

Ella Baker is quoted as saying, “You didn’t see me on television; you didn’t see news stories about me. The kind of role that I tried to play was to pick up pieces or put together pieces out of which I hoped organization might come. My theory is, strong people don’t need strong leaders.”


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clean and use leather conditioner .

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