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Ellen Craft (red) clutch bag

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Mixed leathers in varied reds a sharp flap over clutch handbag. measures 19" X 13". The flap is the 19" draping over the bag. yet giving enough room for your under strap . So when you hold the bag by the strap. Your hand is hidden under the flap. The bag has a zipped closure and two interior pockets, a conversation piece for sure.

Ellen Craft is known for "The Great Escape" As a slave she wanted to escape with her husband  to go north. They boarded a train ,she dressed as a white man with a bandage arm (so she didn't have to write)and he as her slave. After escaping they joined other folks fighting against slavery. Then relocated to Halafax England to get the real meaning of being free. Several years later they relocated to America .Where she later died and was buried under a  tree on her own plantation.