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Bridget "Biddy" Mason - Cutch bag

Bridget "Biddy" Mason - Cutch bag

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This is definitely a one of a kind (as all our bags are). The main portion of the bag is a cream leather base .Splashed with blue and green as if a painter creating art on canvas.  Measuring 15" X 10" a zipped closed  lined bag with two interior leather pockets. The leather flap over on the exterior has a creative cut in the front. Yet a more creative cut in the back. Which ever way you carry it ,she's a show stopper. This clutch is a welcomed guest at all occasions and seasons.

 Bridget “Biddy” Mason was an entrepreneur, nurse, and one of the first African-American women to own land in California. Bridget was born a slave in Hancock County, Georgia, on August 15, 1818.As a result, in 1856, Hayes ruled that Bridget and her children were “free forever.” She became a doctor's assistant and ran a midwifing business. She accumulated a fortune worth about $7.5 million in today's dollars, making her one of the richest women in Los Angeles.


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clean and use leather conditioner .

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