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Carrie Steele Logan- shoulder bag

Carrie Steele Logan- shoulder bag

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A Dijon mustard coloring of leather shoulder bag. Complimented by a green croc with touches of  embedded mustard. This bag  measures 15"x 12 1/2" and has great interior space. Which makes it a easy  daily go to bag and easily accepted everywhere. This shoulder strapped bag has a flap over and is embellished with a chocolate wooded button. It has a rear easy access pocket (cell phone holder) . She's fully lined and has one leather zipped interior pocket. There is only one of this bag with this leather coloration. It's a must have! 

                Carrie Steele Logan (c. 1829 – November 3, 1900) was an American philanthropist, founder of the oldest black orphanage in the United States. The home, The Colored Orphanage of Atlanta, was officially dedicated on June 20, 1892.

One way that Logan raised money to found the Colored Orphanage of Atlanta was to give speeches. For example, she obtained thirty dollars after speaking to Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York concerning the importance of her life's work.The City Council of Atlanta donated $500 to the orphanage. The Community Chest in Atlanta and many other African American advocacy groups and newspapers, such as the Savannah Tribune promoted the opportunity to donate to the orphanage. Along with a charter from the state of Georgia, donations from the city's growing black middle class, and her own funds, she opened the orphanage in Atlanta in 1889. It is considered the oldest such institution in the United States.Her service as a volunteer probation officer reinforced her belief that orphans often fall prey to a life of crime, so Mrs. Logan planned to prepare her children for adulthood, not just provide for their basic needs. All attended a school established at the home, and in addition to the regular curriculum they were instructed in domestic service and farm work. They were also taught to pray and knew the Bible well.” She placed stepping stones for the betterment of the race by striving to save the boys and girls.”

By 1892, the orphanage had a new three-story brick building built on a stone foundation could house and educate up to fifty children. Steele wrote an autobiography, which she sold to raise funds for the school. 

“The mother of orphans. She had done what she could.”


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